Thursday, June 7, 2007

Chief webhead at DISCOVER sends props!

Dear Mr. Eldred,

I'm the Web editor for Discover, and I just heard about your impressive
feat: writing all of To Kill a Mockingbird with one pencil. I'm glad you
picked up the implicit challenge from the article, and rarely have I
been so happy to found out that we were wrong.

I want to blog about your one-pencil challenge and link to your blog. I
wanted to ask if you might link back to our 20 Things story, probably
from the quoted section in the upper-right of the blog.

Congratuations on your record-setting triumph.

Amos Kenigsberg

* * *

Thanks, Mr. K, for the kind words and for suggesting the link! It's now in place, just where you suggested. We look forward to reading your blog.

Readers: Find Amos Kenigsberg blogging here.


Anonymous said...

Greetings Mr Eldred

I heard the NPR broadcast. I thought "what fun!" :)

I wondered that a minor star in this venture was the lead sharpener you used?
Could you tell us more about this, please?

It may be an Offices R'Us standard item, but I am at home right now and so cannot do any "official" /in situ/ research.

Please tell us more. Thank you


Saturday, 2007 June 09

Keith Eldred said...

Hi David,

I'm glad you enjoyed the story. It was an attempt to draw some attention to our Library.

The Library is blessed to have a Royal P40 sharpener. I sang its praises in this post. Here is one place to find it on the web.